Halloween Dress Guidelines

Halloween Dress-Up Guidelines – Wednesday, October 31st, 2018 – Mar Vista Academy

All costumes must be school appropriate.  If you or your parents think it’s inappropriate for school, it probably is.  Use good judgment. Make sure that you can participate in your classes with the costume on.  Education is our first priority-we want students to enjoy the day and stay focused on learning.

In addition:

  • Please reference pages 18-19 in the student handbook
  • Costumes which offend others due to their race, gender, social content, or in any other way are not allowed
  • No toy weapons or objects displaying violence
  • No masks
  • *No clown costumes

Articles of clothing advertising or advocating gangs, sex or vandalism, spray paint, graffiti, alcoholic beverages, violence, drugs or tobacco or using obscene, vulgar, suggestive language or any items that are generally considered in bad taste are not permitted.

If ANY outfit/costume is seen as inappropriate by the administration, student will be asked to change.

*No clown costumes allowed due to safety issues and anxiety concerns.