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Viking mathematicians will learn to use new models and methods to think about problems as well as solve them. Viking mathematicians will make connections, discover relationships, figure out strategies that can be used to solve problems, and explain their thinking. Viking mathematicians will learn to cooperate with other students as a member of a study team. Being a part of a team means speaking up and interacting with other people by explaining your ideas, listening to what others say and asking questions if there is something they don’t understand. Viking mathematicians will complete hands-on activities and lessons to help build their mathematical understanding.   


Meet your Math Teacher!

Mr. Williams currently teaches Integrated Math 7 and Integrated Math 8 and this year marks his 20th year as a math teacher in the district. He enjoys helping students to see the math that exists in the world around them. Mr. Williams has gone paperless and supplies all students with the learning and practice materials digitally through Google Classroom. See his IM7 Syllabus and his IM8 Syllabus here. Follow the adventure on Twitter @SDMathTiki or feel free to contact him via email:

Mrs. Williams teaches Compacted Math 7 and Integrated Math 7 in a co-teach classroom. This is her 15th year teaching middle school math in the district. She enjoys seeing all students build confidence in their math abilities throughout the year. In her classroom, students often work in collaborative groups, sharing their different strategies and building off the ideas of others. When she’s not in her classroom, she enjoys mentoring new teachers, playing soccer, and spending time with her 2 kids. You can find her syllabus (IM7 Syllabus English) and Compacted Math 7 Syllabus. You may contact her via email at

Mr. Holguin, Compacted Integrated Math 7 (CIM7) Integrated Math 7 (IM7) teacher at Mar Vista Academy, aka MVA!  I have been teaching since 1995, and since 2004 with Sweetwater. I graduated from SDSU, Bachelor of Arts – Mathematics in 1976.  My #1 priority is to support my students during their transition from child to teen.  To that end, each and every student is made aware that every action has a consequence, be it positive or negative.  My job is to guide your daughter/son in making thoughtful, calculated decisions that will result in positive outcomes.  Any questions and/or concerns, contact me at or (805) 276-5467.

Mrs. Hinojosa, MathSyllabus. You may contact her via email at

Ms. Silva, currently teaches Integrated Math 7. She also co-teaches in our Integrated Math 8 and IM 1 classrooms. She is a new teacher who graduated from SDSU and earned her credential from PLNU in Math. Ms. Silva is currently working towards her Masters. She enjoys helping students build their confidence in math by helping them overcome their fear of the subject. Her goal in the classroom is to help students realize the potential they all hold. One thing she tries to instill in her students is to always be proud of their growth. If you wish to reach her for anything, you can contact her via email at

Mr. Gomez, teaches Integrated Math 7 Bilingual. He has been teaching in the district since 1993. You may find his syllabus here. You can contact him via email at


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