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Viking mathematicians will learn to use new models and methods to think about problems as well as solve them. Viking mathematicians will make connections, discover relationships, figure out strategies that can be used to solve problems, and explain their thinking. Viking mathematicians will learn to cooperate with other students as a member of a study team. Being a part of a team means speaking up and interacting with other people by explaining your ideas, listening to what others say and asking questions if there is something they don’t understand. Viking mathematicians will complete hands-on activities and lessons to help build their mathematical understanding.   


Meet your Math Teacher!

Mrs. Link teaches Integrated Math 7 and AVID 7 at MVA and also serves as the Math Curriculum Resource teacher. She has been teaching at MVA since 2013. She enjoys helping all students gain a better understanding of math and to watch their Ah-Ha moments. In her classroom, students are expected to work in collaborative groups to develop different strategies for working through difficult problems. Students will be using Google Classroom for class-work and homework assignments.  Her goal for the year is to make you love math more than you did on the first day of school. When not in her classroom, she enjoys sports (both coaching and playing), camping and spending time with her husband, two children and 4 animals. You can find her syllabus here, follow her journey on twitter @nlink or contact her via email at

Mr. Williams currently teaches Compacted Math 7 and this year marks his 20th year as a math teacher in the district. He enjoys helping students to see the math that exists in the world around them. Mr. Williams has gone paperless and supplies all students with the learning and practice materials digitally through Google Classroom. See his syllabus here. Follow the adventure on Twitter @SDMathTiki or feel free to contact him via email:

Mrs. Williams teaches Integrated Math 7 in a co-teach classroom. This is her 15th year teaching middle school math in the district. She enjoys seeing all students build confidence in their math abilities throughout the year. In her classroom, students often work in collaborative groups, sharing their different strategies and building off the ideas of others. When she’s not in her classroom, she enjoys mentoring new teachers, playing soccer, and spending time with her 2 kids. You can find her syllabus here (IM7 Syllabus English)(IM7 Syllabus Spanish) and contact her via email at

Ms. Valverde has been teaching mathematics since 2009. She attended San Diego State University and Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Morelos in Mexico. She speaks both Spanish and English. Ms. Valverde was born in Cuernavaca Morelos and came to the United States at age of 23. She holds a  bachelor degree in computer science and administration and is a bilingual credentialed teacher in California for mathematics and computer programming. She has taught in middle school and high-school which she enjoys very much. Some of her personal accomplishments are: running the San Diego Half Marathon and the Rock & Roll Full Marathon, being a cancer survivor at age 26, being a respite parent for foster babies age 0-5, she personally operates her own rental businesses. Her future goals are to help students and their parents to apply mathematics into personal finance to live a more peaceful and free financial life. Miss Valverde is the author of the upcoming book “Wealthy Habits, Broke Habits. How to Create your Personal Plan towards Financial Freedom”. You can contact her via email at

Mr. Holguin, Compacted Integrated Math 7 (CIM7) Integrated Math 7 (IM7) teacher at Mar Vista Academy, aka MVA!  I have been teaching since 1995, and since 2004 with Sweetwater. I graduated from SDSU, Bachelor of Arts – Mathematics in 1976.  My #1 priority is to support my students during their transition from child to teen.  To that end, each and every student is made aware that every action has a consequence, be it positive or negative.  My job is to guide your daughter/son in making thoughtful, calculated decisions that will result in positive outcomes.  Any questions and/or concerns, contact me at or (805) 276-5467.

Mr. Rosales, has been teaching mathematics since 2007. He currently teaches Integrated Math 1 and Integrated Math 8. He attended Cal State San Marcos, San Diego State, and USD. He was raised in Chula Vista and is a product of the Sweetwater Union High School District. He believes any student can be successful. He is also the soccer coach and muralist at MVA. He has two kids and one attended Mar Vista Academy and the youngest one is eager to attend Mar Vista Academy. You can contact him via email at


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