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Mr. Laird-Jackson  – Spanish

Spanish Syllabus

Maestro Laird-Jackson (“Mae. Laird”) is a native Spanish speaker from Costa Rica (AC) who has been a teacher/professor of Spanish (K-College) in California for more than 33 years: At Col./Univ: SDSU-UCSD-SDCCD-GCCCD. At K-12: SDUSD-FSUSF-EUHSD-LGSD-AEC-NUSD-LMSVSD-CCPAA.

Mae. Laird holds two Masters: MA-Spanish, and MS-Education

This is Mae. Laird first year with the Viking family.

Mae. Laird preferred method to teaching and leaning Spanish is the Deductive Approach to language learning and language acquisition. Hence, he uses chunks of information (i.e., songs, short stories, etc, etc).