Physical Education

Welcome to the Mar Vista Academy Physical Education Department!

  • Mr. Swalley (SyllabusMr. Swalley has been teaching PE at MVA for 20 years.  He enjoys teaching his students all kinds of new games and skills that they can then use to maintain a healthy, active, and happy lifestyle. Feel free to contact Mr. Swalley at


  • Ms. Kracha (PE Syllabus)  Mrs. Kracha has been teaching for 27 years, all here at Mar Vista! She spent a little time as a Counselor but really missed PE so she went back. As a PE teacher, Mrs. Kracha loves seeing her smiling students faces when they come to class and especially while they are outdoors having fun! Don’t hesitate to contact Mrs. Kracha via email/Jupiter at: She’s always looking forward to a fun-filled, physically active, healthy year!!